Welcome to the FIRST EVER episode of Pod Duk Dong!! Hosts Doug Kim (mess but working on it) and Nathan Ramos (mess and loving it) discuss the entertainment industry, growing up Asian/Gaysian, and representation in pop culture i.e. can we get an Asian Golden Girls, already??

Asian/Asian American Music! We dive deep into when we will have our "Our Star is Born”(#JusticeforNicoleScherzinger), how KPop is influencing music worldwide, the next generation of Asian American artists on the come up with 88rising, Rina, Kehlani and more, and the debate on whether Bruno Mars is guilty of cultural appropriation, and where he fits within the fractured Asian American community as a whole (why was nobody counting him as one of the Asians that have hosted SNL?? Brown Asians we out here!)

Our (fourth), er THIRD episode (Nathan is a picky bish and the OG 3rd ep was not up to her standards)! Our podcast is hitting its stride! Tips of the week (not that we’re experts but we’ve seen some things) This is Us and Good Place giving Asians that Primetime LOVE, Halloween costumes that Asians can be proud of!  Far East Movement's new deal with China's music juggernaut, and Hasan Minhaj's new show, Patriot Act. Doug gets heated as we talk about Affirmative Action, and Nathan goes AWF because shouldn’t we all just be hooking up with each other for fun and isn’t the world a lie?

In our REAL 4th episode, Doug and Nathan talk about our recent viewing of the moving Burning, a Korean film directed by Lee Chang Dong, starring Yoo Ah-In, Jeon Jang-Seo and Steven Yeun. Doug will remember this movie forever, and Nathan… learned what Art House Cinema is (he liked it). We discuss craft vs. commercial films, the Asian vs Asian American entertainment worlds and Steven Yeun's journey as the only A-list Asian American millennial star and his journey trailblazing a path for himself while dealing with the weighty expectations of the Asian American community. It’s veerryyy casual!!!

After a short Thanksgiving break, we're back!!! Nathan and Doug are thankful for the great strides in Asian American representation this year!  Nathan is thankful for Vanessa Hudgens in The Princess Switch, and we celebrate Henry Golding as the first Asian GQ cover Man of the Year (Nathan truly is a thirsty ho ho ho). Don’t miss our discussion on Asian male dating life, cuffing season, and what the industry is like during the holidays!

The holidays are usually a time when the industry starts to wind down, but we've been hit with so much news for Asians in media!! Disney is doing it all right now - ABC is developing a legal drama that would be the first TV drama (not involving action) featuring an Asian American lead, their production of the South Asian show: Mira, Royal Detective on Disney Junior, and most exciting of all, announcing that they will be producing a Shang Chi movie!! Nathan truly goes wild. Nathan and Doug discuss the potential implications of Shang Chi...could this be our true Black Panther moment?

Nathan and Doug are back, and there's plenty going on to start the New Year with Asian entertainment! We run down the big events of 2018 as awards season starts to heat up and how they have served as the springboard for plenty more Asian representation in media to come in 2019!